Sunday, February 20, 2011

My noisy life

So today Isaiah went skating with a friend he doesn't get to see very often. While he was away I caught myself on several occasions "listening" for him in the house. This is usually not hard to do since he is notably my loudest child. At first I would think, "something isn't right, it's way too quiet right now..." my mind quickly ran through the location of the children. "Oh that's right, Isaiah's not here, he went skating." While I would imagine this would bring joy and comfort to most parents just knowing where their child is; the thought was followed with, "eeewww I don't like it when he's gone!! I can't wait til he gets home!" I probably went through this little scenario three times in the 2 short hours he was away. I was blown away at how I love my little whirlwind of energy, the chaim (life) of our home, the passion in everything he says, the sometimes ear-piercing volume with which he says it! I hated this quietness!! When he finally got home he came to me with his usual bear hug and "hi mom, I love you!" I was very sure to tell him how much I missed him while he was away, but that I was so glad he could spend time with his friend (lie). hahaha If he never left the house again it would be ok with me!! So I'm wondering why today this quietness was especially loud to me. Maybe the Father is reminding me to embrace the life of our home and all the things in a day that I take for granted, the things that sometimes I try to quiet. Although today it was about Isaiah, in a few short months it will be about Sophia. Not that I need another reminder that my first born child will be graduating soon and moving on in the direction God has for her...THAT, I tell you, will surely be a chasm only God can fill. So, thank you, Sai-boo, for reminding me with your life to love your sister well while she is here everyday with us. It was prophesied once over me that "God will cause the storms of life to be still, and you will be glad because of the quiet"...not today, please :).